Thursday, April 22, 2010

Unit 10 Blog

From the personal assessment I rated myself in each one psychological, physical, and spiritual well being as seven. Now however having finished this course I realize how out of shape I really am so to speak. The scores I would give myself now are somewhat different. Psychologically I would rate myself a six. In Spirituality I think a need more work than before and would rate myself a four. In physical fitness I would rate myself now at a five. I have learned that I have so much more work to do to become integrally healthy. Although I have already begun the work and the most difficult part in my opinion is over because I am now aware of what to work on and have some tools to work with. I have begun exercising more regularly but have not started eating healthier. I have researched ways that could help me quit smoking now I need to use them. I do practice Loving Kindness, Subtle Mind, and Meeting Asclepius, but not as often as I would like to. These activities will help me with my psychological and spiritual goals by improving my ability to cope with stress, and want to smoke less. I thought quitting smoking would help my psychological and physical as well as spiritual well being but working towards these goals will help give me the ability to quick. I think that making time for me is important but now think that forgiveness and calm abiding might be better goals knowing what I have learned from this course. I really enjoy the practice and think it is rewarding. The most difficult was forgiveness, and this experience will make me more integral healthy and I will introduce my clients and make them aware soo that I can treat them with a holistic approach.


  1. The best part of all this is recognizing our weaknesses. Now that we have done that we can move forward and improve in all aspects.

  2. Kevin,
    I prefer to call my weaknesses needs, because I can work on needs but a weakenss feels more permanent to me. Learning them whatever they are called is the first step next is working on the change I would like to see for myself.

  3. Hi Andrea,

    It's funny how we begin to notice in a matter of a few weeks the differences in how we rate ourselves. Were we not being as honest first time around or are in more in tune with our inner-self in knowing what we need to work on? Self-awareness that is. I know for certain now you and I both will have more time to get in touch with our inner selves and do what is right for our health and our spiritual being. We will make time for work outs, eating healhier, and taking time out for prayers. I believe we will be more at peace with ourselves now finishing up school and on to a whole new life with more free time. :) We just have to apply ourselves and make the effort to see and experience positive results. Stay in touch with me on Facebook and we can encourage each other. Glad I had the chance to meet you and opportunity of getting to know you better in each of our classes. May God bless you and your family!


  4. Andrea,

    I think it is awesome that you can look at yourself objectively and realize that you need to make adjustments. It takes a strong person to reach this point. Good luck to you in the future.


  5. Hey Andrea, I love how you commented on weaknesses and refer to them as needs instead. This is a great idea! I mean, we understand that we "need" to improve our weaknesses, but that can come across as a negative start. If we make them "needs" then I feel we would need to change them rather than acknowledge them as just weaknesses and move on. Great point! Best wishes to you and your needs and challenges that you face! You can do it!