Thursday, April 1, 2010

Unit 6 Universal LovingKindness and Integral Assessment

The exercise was interesting, but difficult for me to stay focused and follow what I was saying. This is not my favorite practice but it could be useful for me to learn to love even my enemies by letting go of the anger, and sadness I have bottled up. The Integral Assessment will be very useful for my wholeness approach to well-being. I discovered I maintain many attributes and habits that contribute positively to my integral health, however there is still many things I need to work on. I didn't know where to begin. I am first going to work on my Interpersonal Development. I intend on taking time for myself, taking care of my personal needs. I then intend on working on my family by making activities throughout the week to make my husband and children integrally healthier. Family fun nights, with board games, video games.


  1. Hi Andrea,
    I guess we all bottle up from time to time, but with good intentions though. I bottle up when I do not want to hurt people's feeling but I end up hurting myself.
    Unfortunately some people do not like direct, honest opinions or criticism, so I am forced to bite my tongue and sometimes that does not sit well with me as I am a direct forward person.
    The loving kindness is like hypnotizing ourselves, like I am good, I look good, everything is fine, the world is fine, I did everything I could, well done...etc and all those phrases that we say to ourselves over and over to feel good. I think I have been doing this for a very long time without realizing it. Coming from a country of war (Iraq) it was like a mentra to say everything is fine, the world still exist, it will be over soon...etc, it is like implanting hope, love, trust, confidence, and strength when it is the lowest.
    Hope you reach the best level of your development with your family and if you can have sometime for yourself then enjoy it, you deserve it.

  2. It seems to be a theme in these exercises that all of our minds tend to wander. I like hearing the different view of the exercise from someone coming from a different country. I don't know about Iraq, but here in America some of these practices are very rarely practiced and I think that is why we all are struggling with it in the beginning.

  3. Anddrea,

    I like your goals of family night. My mother in law and I try to get the guys to turn off the television every time they visit (NJ). We feel if we play a board game or cards we are more likely to interact with each other instead of simply stare at the television. The men (father in law and husband) do not believe this. The feel they communicate great. I think family time is the best time. I spent spring break with my mom and dad in Tennessee. We hiked and played games even went to an historical cemetery and had the most relaxing week ever!! I didn't feel as if I had to please anyone or stress about anything. Unfortunately, I had to come back!