Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Unit 7 Meeting Ascieplius

This practice was extremely beneficial to me. I had an empty house and could fully concentrate without any interruptions. Since I began these practices I can feel a change in my health and well being. I wake up refreshed, no soreness or stiffness. I have more patience with myself and my children. I have also had several incidences where I could have allowed negative emotions to consume me but I think positive thoughts and am not overwhelmed with negativity. My brand new mini van was in a hail storm on Monday and I know I mentioned this already in my discussion post last week, but I wanted to make sure I explained how my focus was so different in this situation. I was really angry, upset, saddened by this event. The van has considerable damage and is going to take several weeks to repair. I quickly found some positive aspects of the situation so I would not be consumed by the negative emotions. I concentrated on those and was for the first time in my life I was not consumed by them, I could concentrate on nothing else before as the images, emotions and thoughts ran through my head. But this was very different. I was amazed how quickly I was able to refocus my attention on positive emotions. Thanks for these practices and I will continue to use them daily and train my mind.

The saying "one cannot lead another where one has not gone himself" brings true meaning to learning from experience. This is very important for a health and wellness professional because you are not going to be able to lead someone to be healthier if you are sick yourself. For example, I was abused as a child, so I can understand what a foster child is going through, I can relate. I have empathy for a child going through the same things. If I do not improve on my integral health and well being I will not be able to lead someone because I will be sick and not know how.


  1. I love hearing stories like this. You are already seeing some of the benefits of stress reducing exercises. That is awesome and it can only get better!

  2. Hi Andrea,

    I liked your example in your last paragraph about how you an not teach someone integral health if you are sick yourself and about child abuse. I know that such emotions can get people down especially if they have experienced this first hand in their life time, however, there is another part of me that believes that people who have suffered the most are able to help others by the way they learned to deal with their illness or abuse. A part of me is torn on this subject because I do believe people who have been deeply hurt in life can pull through just fine and teach others how to deal with the experiences he or she went through. For example, two secretaries that I work with both have experienced breast cancer and are survivors. They participate in all kinds of fundraisers and speak at seminars about it. They are an inspiration to those who are diagnosed with cancer and don't know where to turn to for support. I have referred people to talk to these two secretaries for that emotional support they need. So, I guess it depends on the situation and in how we have managed to pull through ourselves before figuring out 'if' we can and are 'willing' to help others experience integral health. So, again, I see two different sides and can relate to both with the saying "one cannot lead another where one has not gone himself". Our personalities say alot about us and how far we are willing to go to not only help ourselves but to help others too. :)

    I enjoyed reading your blog for this week. Good information and you have a very positive attitude. Way to go!!


  3. Jill,
    You are so right about being torn, I feel that some people take their experiences and build a bridge to get over them and others drown in them. I think it can go either way and do understand why people choose both. I also know it is a daily struggle not to follow habbits and routines.